Stretch Easily and Effectively!

You’d better try Flexcushion!

One-Stop Prop for Stretch & Pilates. It helps to maintain Neutral Pelvis while seated. Even Rigid People can do Stretching and Core Training with correct Posture and Effectively.
with/without Flexcushion

Main Users

Health Clubs, Pilates Studios・16 Professional Baseball Teams + over 250 players, 15 Professional Soccer Teams, Olympic Sprinters, Hammer Throwers, Synchronized Swim Teams, Figure & Speed Skaters, Judo & Karate Dojos, Golfers, Track & Field Teams, PerformBetter, Medco Sports Medicine, Dr. Don Chu's Athercare Fitness & Rehabilitation, Mike Boyle's MBSC, Yoga Studios, Professional Athletes (Football, Basketball, Hockey, Ski, etc.)

Darvis "Doc" Patton

Two-time USA Olympian Sprinter

Olympic medalist 4 x 100 relay Athens2004, Olympic Finalist 100m Beijing 2008, 2010 Ranked 5th in World in 100m, seen here using the Flexcushion at the clinic of his Athletic Trainer and Massage Therapist, Benny Vaughn in Fort Worth, Texas USA

Darvis Doc Patton with Flexcushion Darvis Doc Patton with Flexcushion Darvis Doc Patton with Flexcushion


  • Self care
    at home

  • Gym & Studios
    Health Clubs

  • Athletes &
    Sports Teams

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