Name Flexcushion® (FC-A402)
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Color Black / Beige / Pearl White
Size 2.55 lbs (= 1.15kg)
Height: 2 inches (= 5cm) to 8 inches (= 20cm)
Width & Depth: 16 inches (= 40cm)
Retail Price $139.95 (USD)
Patent #7966679 (US registered, and internationally pending)
with flexcushion without flexcushion

Official Gear for “Sumo Core Exercise”(SANTEPLUS 2006, Recommended by International Sumo Federation)
Recommended by NPO Japan Stretching Association
Exhibited at IHRSA 2008 / NSCA SSTC 2009/ Inner IDEA 2009 / PBATS 2010 / NATA 2010 / IDEA World Fitness 2010

How was the Flexcushion Born?

Derived from MATAWARI Stretch of Japan's Martial Art “Sumo”

Nao Sakata(1993)
Nao Sakata
Our President & Founder, Nao SAKATA, when he was a member of the Sumo Team at Rikkyo University, had difficulty with Sumo's MATAWARI (splits) training, which was essential for Sumo. Later, he found it easier to stretch when he sat on the Dohyo, a straw bag (5cm / 2 inches high), which is now the front height of the Flexcushion. With advice from Professor Hideo NUMAZAWA (Rikkyo University), Nao SAKATA developed the Flexcushion.


Who uses the Flexcushion?

Top Athletes and Teams in Baseball / Soccer / Football / Golf /Track & Field / Syncho / Volleyball / Tennis / Basketball / Fencing / Ski / Judo / Sumo / Numerous Health & Fitness Clubs / Pilates Studios / Yoga Studios / Ballet Studios / Dancers / Strength Coaches / Athletic Trainers / PT / Hospitals / Clinics

See the detail at our corporate page "www.flexcushion.com/about" Stretch & Exercise

DVD-Video "Stetch & Exercise with Flexcushion®" (25 min.)

Supervised by Dr. Donald A. Chu
25 minutes Stretch & Exercise, easy to workout at home
Produced by SANTEPLUS 2009


DVD-Video "Stretch & Exercise" with Flexcushion

Produced by SANTEPLUS
Dr. Donald A. CHU (PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Director of Athercare Fitness & Rehabilitation)
Supervised by Hideo NUMAZAWA (Professor at Rikkyo University, School of Sports & Wellness)
Yoshihito NAGAHATA (Director, NPO Japan Stretching Association)
Lisa Yumi Michelle (Actress & Model) Kayoko YAMAMOTO (Professional Trainer)
Demonstrator Sayaka SHIMAMOTO (Model)

FlexBarrel ARCH
Name FlexBarrel® (Arch)
Hip Thrust with FlexBarrel (Arch) »
Color Black
Size 4.3 lbs (= 1.95kg)
Length 20 inch (= 50cm)
Width 16 inches (= 40cm)
Height: 10 inches (=24cm)
Retail Price $249.95 (USD)
Patent Design Patent #1628463
Trademark #5583928
Flexbarrel Exercise Examples


Stretch while being conscious of the movement of the thoracic spine and thorax!

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Full-body stretch

"The abdominals, latissimus dorsi, and the area around the shoulders stretch adequately. The hunched body opens up, and the back muscles extend."

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It is useful for Hip Thrust !!

Name FlexBarrel® (Whale) (FB-A660)
FlexBarrel (Whale) Pilates »
FlexBarrel (Whale) Atheletes »
Color Black / Pearl White
Size 5.8 lbs (= 2.6kg)
Height: 4 inches (=10cm) to 10 inches (= 24cm)
Width 27 inch (= 67cm), Depth 16 inches (= 40cm)
Retail Price $299.95 (USD)
Patent Design Patent #1502197
FlexBarrel Exercise Examples FlexBarrel Exercise Examples FlexBarrel Exercise Examples FlexBarrel Exercise Examples