Flexcushion on Media
Sports Nippon News Yu Darvish on Flexcushion!
2011 Oct 29, Japan
"Yu Darvish, Japan's #1 pitcher, currently belongs to Texas Rangers, stretches with Flexcushion before the post season game."
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LeBron James
2016 May 3, USA
"NBA Super Star, LeBron James appeared on TV with Flexcushion during the play-off game."

Cataloghouse CatalogHouse
2021 Sep 1, Japan
No.1 Catalogue Shopping "CatalogHouse" features Flexcushion® & KabukiGlasses®

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Josei Jishin Josei Jishin
2021 Aug 24, Japan
Flexcushion featured as a tool for the better posture by a popular magazine for women.
SUMO #922 SUMO #922
2021 May 25, Japan
Sumo magazine featured Nao Sakata, the Flexcushion inventor and GM of Rikkyo University Sumo Team.
NEXT No.170 NEXT No.170
2021 May 25, Japan
Flexcushion featured as a helpful conditioning tool to prevent injury.
Sakaiku (Soccer) Sakaiku (Soccer)
2021 May 25, Japan
Head Coach Mr Moriyama (RIP ACE Osaka) mentions the importance of placing pelvis upright.

JATI Express No.82 JATI Express No.82
2021 May 6, Japan
Japan Association of Training Instructors featured FlexBarrel.
Sakaiku (Soccer) Sakaiku (Soccer)
2021 Apr 27, Japan
Prof. Numazawa advices good posture with your pelvis upright, using Flexcushion!
Timely! Timely!
2021 Apr 7, Japan
a popular high school baseball magazine featured Flexcushion as a recommended streteching helper.
BUDO Magazine Apr. BUDO Magazine Apr.
2021 Mar 27, Japan
Nao Sakata, the inventor of Flexcushion wrote 2 pages article on Sumo fitness business.

an.an No.2240 an.an No.2240
2021 Mar 3, Japan
a popular fashion magazine an.an. featured Flexcushion as one of the best stretch helpers.
Tarzan No.803 Tarzan No.803
2021 Jan 28, Japan
No.1 fitness magazine TARZAN featured Flexcushion as a tool to prevent back pain.
BUDO Magazine Feb BUDO Magazine Feb.
2021 Jan 28, Japan
Nao Sakata, the inventor of Flexcushion wrote 6 pages article on Sumo reform.
GetNavi GetNavi March
2021 Jan 22, Japan
Popular a merchandizing magazine GetNavi featured Flexcushion as one of top stretching tools! Link

Sakaiku (Soccer) Sakaiku (Soccer)
2020 Oct 29, Japan
F.C. Kokoku, one of the best high school soccer teams use Flexcushion!
NEXT No.163 NEXT No.163
2020 Oct 25, Japan
A popular fitness magazine featured Flexcushion as a recommended item for Fitness x Interior.
TMG athletics TMG athletics
2020 Sep 10, Japan
Flexcushion is used by the best basketball player! Told by Former NBA Performance Coach.
CBS Sports Radio CBS Sports Radio
2020 Aug 24, USA
Flexcushion appeared during the BLM prayers. They are kneeling on Flexcushion!

Tarzan No. 793 Tarzan No. 793
2020 Aug 6, Japan
Flexcushion, again, is featured as a recommended stretching helper!
Pelvic Exercise Pelvic Exercise
2020 Aug 1, Japan
POISE, a Japanese women’s brand, uses Flexcushion in her exercise.
Catalog House
2020 Jul 20, Japan
Flexcushion featured as a home fitness item.
Creative Stretching Creative Stretching
2020 Jul 20, Japan
Nao Sakata, the inventor of Flexcushion, and his story are featured by NPO Japan Stretching Association.

Tarzan No.786 Tarzan No.786
2020 Apr 23, Japan
No.1 fitness magazine featured Flexcushion as a StayHome tool.
Baseball Clinic Baseball Clinic
2020 Mar 17, Japan
Baseball magazine , a leading magazine on baseball featured Flexcushion.
2019 Sept 26, Japan
Flexcushion featured as a tool to lose weight, mainly around pelvis.
Losing Weight Losing Weight
2019 Sept 3, Japan
Flexcushion featured as a tool to do “sit-ups” effectively and safely.

2019 Sept 26, Japan
Flexcushion was featured once again by No.1 fitness magazine TARZAN.
Yoga for Inflexible
2019 Sept 3, Japan
Flexcushion featured as an effective tool for inflexible yoga lovers.
2019 June 24, Japan
Flexcushion was featured as a recommended item for flexibility.
2019 May 9, Japan
No.1 Fitness magazine featured Flexcushion as No.1 stretching tool.

Baseball Clinic Baseball Clinic
2019 April 17, Japan
Flexcushion is featured in the exercises to acquire range of motion by Kazu Tomooka. click
2019 April 11, Japan
a popular golf magazine featured “Flexcushion” to increase driving distance. click
Sports HOCHI
2019 Feb 4, Japan
Tokyo Giants' star Seiji Kobayashi uses Flexcushion before spring training.
Baseball Magazine
2019 Jan 16, Japan
Featured Flexcushion as a helper for mobility around hip-joint.

2018 Dec 28, Japan
Flexcushion was featured as a must item for heatlh clubs.
2018 Oct 19, USA
LeBron James.Lakes rookie Wagner's duties include putting LeBron's Flexcushion down.
MLB.com News
2018 Nov 11, USA
Flexcushion appeared in the video of Rich Hill’s workout. a veteran lefty dodger.
Golf Digest
2018 Nov 11, USA
Mike Boyle, a leading strength coach explains how to develop hip mobility for golfers with Flexcushion.

2018 Sep 25, Japan
Flexcushion, FlexBarrel featured in Sportec Official Guidebook 2018.
NBC Sports
2018 May 12, USA
Angry LeBron. NBA super star LeBron throws his favorite Flexcushion.
Konami Sports
2018 Feb 28, Japan
Konami Sports, the largest health club national chain in Japan, starts a group lesson with Flexcushion.
2018 Feb 28, Japan
a popular fitness magazine featured “Flexcushion” as a long-term hit item.

Nippon TV
2018 Jan 29, Japan
a nationwide TV program “Hirunandesu” featured fitness exercises with Flexcushion!
2017 Dec 10, Japan
Sapporo's popular magazine featured Flexcushion as Karate Master's favorite.
Talk Show 007
2017 Oct 9, Japan
Flexcushion was on TV as a favorite item of a star actor Yutaka Matsushige.
2017 Aug 28, Japan
J.SPA!, a japanese magagine for ladies featured Flexcushion.

Golf Lesson Comic
2017 Aug 1, Japan
a leading professional golf instructor introduced "FlexcushionR Strech for golfers"
2017 Jul 25, Japan
a popular fitness magazine featured "Flexcushion" as a recommended item.
2017 May 25, Japan
FlexBarrel featured as a hit item for Pilates group lesson for health clubs.
2017 Mar 23, Japan
A popular fitness magazine featured Flexcushion as a must item.

HEC Paris
2016 Nov 11, Japan
HEC Paris' Alumni magazine featured Naoaki SAKATA as an impressive inventor and a businessman.
Running Style
2016 Sep 21, Japan
Flexcushion featured as the most recommended item for stretching for marathon runners!
Catalog House
2016 Sep 10, Japan
Flexcushion featured as one of best items for stretching, by reputated “Catalog House”
NEXT No.113
2016 Aug 24, Japan
Japan's populer women's magagine. Flexcushion was featured!

NEXT No.113
2016 Sep 25, Japan
Japan's nationwide health club chain “TIPNESS”’s group lesson with Flexcushion was featured!
LeBron James
2016 May 3, USA
NBA Super Star, LeBron James appeared on TV with Flexcushion during the play-off game.
HEC United (France)
2016 Mar 2, France
CEO & Inventor, Nao SAKATA, was interviewed by alumni project of HEC Paris!
NEXT No.108
2016 Feb 25, Japan
Japan’s popular fitness magazine featured Flexcushion as a useful self-conditioning equipment

Number Do
2015 Dec 10, Japan
Flexcushion featured as a recommended item for stretching for athletes.
2015 Oct 24, Japan
a famous marathon coach, Jun Hiratsuka, featured "Flexcushion" as his favarite tool in the web magazine.
NEXT No.103
2015 Sep 25, Japan
Popular fitness magazine featured "FlexBarrel" as a popular product for group lessons.
NEXT No.100
2015 Jun 26, Japan
a popular health & fitness magazine featured “Flexcushion” and its inventor Nao Sakata.

FM Nack5 79.5
2015 Jun 23, Japan
Stretching exercise with Flexcushion at a health club was on air at a popular radio station FM79.5.
Nikkei Health
2015 May 2, Japan
Flexcushion was featured as a favorite product of Saki Takaoka, a famous actress in Japan

Yoga Journal
2015 Mar 19, Japan
Popular yoga journal featured Flexcushion as a recommended item for tender body.

Sankei Sports
2015 Feb 9, Japan
Baseball Spring Training.NPB Champion Softbank Hawks photo with Flexcushion in the article with Daisuke Matsuzaka.

2014 Jul 22, USA
Flexcushion is in the video of Posture Exercise by Mike Boyle, the most famous coach

2014 Feb 25, Japan
Naoaki Sakata, Flexcushion developer is featured as Hit Prop creator.

Pilates Style Magazine (USA)
2014 Feb 20, USA
Flexcushion was featured as a new recommended gear for Pilates

2013 Nov 25, Japan
Flexcushion featured as one of the most sold items at health club shops.

Weider Training Bible
2013 Jul 31, Japan
Flexcushion was featured as an item used for top athletes.

NHK StudioPark
2013 Jul 23, Japan
Famous actress Ryoko KUNINAKA showed the flexcushion as her favorite goods.

2013 May 25, Japan
Flexcushion featured as "One Stop Prop for Yoga & Pilates" in a fitness magagine.

Sports HOCHI
2013 May 22, Japan
Tokyo Giants super rookie SUGANO holds Flexcushion in the photo on sports paper.

FM Nack 5
2012 Sep 25, Japan
Flexcushion was featured as a functional training tool, by a famous FM radio station.

Cance View
2012 Aug 27, Japan
Flexcushion featured as a recommended item for Dancers' to improve flexibility around pelvis and hip-joint.

2012 Jul 25, Japan
Flexcushion featured as a recommended item for "Kids' Exercise with Parents".

NHK Close-Up Now
2012 Jul 9, Japan
Arata Fujiwara, a Japanese Olympic marathon runner was featured and Flexcushion was in his training scene.

2012 Jun 25, Japan
Flexcushion featured as top athletes' favorite item, used by all 12 professional baseball teams, many national teams.

Jiyugaoka FM TV
2012 Jun 22, Japan
Japan Kids Fitness Association's STRECHING SPACE with Flexcushion was featured on Tokyo's major Internet TV.

2012 May 25, Japan
More and more demand of Flexcushion for Functional Training in USA and in Japan.

Fitness Business no.58
2012 Jan 25, Japan
Flexcushion was featured as a Functional Training’s useful item.

Training Journal
2012 Jan 15, Japan
Our CEO Nao Sakata has written 6 page article “How to do Sumo’s SHIKO training for athletes and normal people”.

Golf Digest Health
2011 Dec 25, Japan
Flexcushion was featured and recommended for golfers by Toshi Ishiwata, who was awarded "Best Teaching Pro of the Year 2004".

2011 Dec 25, Japan
The Leading Fitness Industry's magazine "NEXT" has chosen Flexcushion as one.

Nikkei Health Special Issue
2011 Dec 14, Japan
Nikkei Health’s Special Edition “To be fit for a life time” featured Flexcushion as a recommended item for stretching exercises.

2011 Nov 25, Japan
A leading magazine for fitness, reported on Flexcushion as an internationally recognized product.

Sports Nippon News
2011 Oct 29, Japan
Yu Darvish, Japan's #1 pitcher, stretches with Flexcushion before the post season game.
Click and See the photo!

Nihon TV 4ch Sukkiri
2011 Oct 25, Japan
Celebrity actress Uno Kanda demonstrated her maternity exercise by using Flexcushion in 4ch popular program.

2011 Oct 22, Japan
Flexcushion was featured as a recommended item for runners.

2011 Sep 17, Japan
Flexcushion was featured as recommended item for swimmers’ flexibility
training .

Nikkei MJ
2011 Sep 14, Japan
Our Sumo Method
was featured in
Japan's major
economic newspaper.

Radio Nikkei
2011 Aug 25, Japan
"Nao Sakata talked about the effects of Sumo derived workouts for women in a live radio program."

Nikkei Health
2011 Aug 2, Japan
"Japan's most popular health & fitness magazine featured Flexcushion."

2011 July 1, Japan
Flexcushion was featured as "a Selected Item" in "YouYou", a popular magazine for women over 50 y/o.

2011 May 25, Japan
“Pilates with Flexcushion” is featured as one of the best group lesson programs this year.

2011 Apr 25, Japan
Flexcushion was picked up as one of the featured lesson programs of 2011 Spring.

Fitness Business
2011 Mar, Japan
Flexcushion was picked up as recommended tools for group exercises for Yoga, Pilates, and Stretch

2011 Mar, Japan
"My favorite item for pelvis adjustment by
Michiko Matsushita."
Sports HOCHI
2011 Jan, Japan
"Tokyo Giants' star player Y.Takahashi's minimized his back pain with Flexcushion!"
Your Body 2011
2011 Jan, Japan
"Japan's star instructor Hiromi Kashiki's favorite exercise tool"
NEXT vol.46
2010 Dec, Japan
"Best Hit Fitness Item 2010!"

2010 Sep 25, Japan
"IDEA World 2010 Report, Flexcushion got big attention"
IDEA World Fitness Convention 2010
2010 Aug 4, USA
"3 sessions of Pilates & Yoga with Flexcushion"

IDEA Fitness Journal

2010 Jun, USA
"Flexcushion is coming to IDEA World Fitness Convention 2010"

2010 Aug 22, Japan
"Pick-up item of Autumn 2010 for runners"

2010 Jul 22, Japan
"Stretching method done by professional baseball teams"
2010 Jun 22, Japan
"15minutes stretching a day make your body beautiful"

Health Builder

2010 Jun 1, Japan
"Very effective tool to improve your flexibility and to prevent injury"

Fitness Business
2010 May 25, Japan
"Hit Item. The solution for conditioning, and group lessons."

2010 May 8, Japan
"Easy to put your pelvis neutral while seated, and easy to strengthen your core"
2010 Aprl 22, Japan
"10 minites stretch with Flexcushion berore start running"
2010 Apr 15, Japan
"Even for those who are rigid, it is easier to stretch effectively, with correct posture."

YOMIURI Newspaper
2010 Apr 14, Japan
"professionals' choice, the best 3 items for stretching"

TBS (channel 6)

2010 Apr 14, Japan
"Surprising tool to stretch around hip-joint"

Sankei Sports
2010 Mar 22, Japan
"Tokyo Giants star player, Takahashi's secret weapon, to prevent back pain""
Sports HOCHI
2010 Mar 10, Japan
"Tokyo Giants star, Takahashi's secret weapon in the tagout"

Beautiful STORY
2010 Feb 16, Japan
"The item for the next fitness generation."

Sports newspapers
2010 Jan 14, Japan
"Tokyo Giants rookie Chono introduced Flexcushion to gain flexibiliy"

Beautiful STORY
2010 Jan 6, Japan
"Japanese famous actress Anna UMEMIYA's favorite!"


2009 Dec 25, Japan
"Fitness hit items 2009"

an an
2009 Jan 1, Japan
"Flexcushion is the item for better posture, and better figure"

+f issued by TIPNESS
2009 Aug , Japan
"Flexcushion corrects your posture, thus you look more beautiful"
Reuters Forbes etc.
2009 Sep 7, USA
"Sumo derived Flexcushion, to be demonstated at Inner IDEA in Palm Springs"
Nikkei Health
2009 Jul 2, Japan
"Nikkei Health's readers' favorite item, that can neutralize your pelvis"

Body Design!
2009 Jun 10, Japan
"You'll find that your pelvis is to be put at correct position when you sit on it."

Nikkei Health premie
2009 May 1, Japan
"Good for your pelvis exercise, and to strengthen your core"
Nikkei Health
2009 May 1, Japan
"Your body becomes more flexible easily, and you can realize it with Flexcushion"
Let's do SHIKO
2009 Feb 25, Japan
"Recommended helping tool for MATAWARI (splits" stretch"
2009 Feb 1, Japan
"Japan's No.1 actress Norika FUJIWARA's essential item"

2009 Feb 1, Japan
"Shape up your abs more effectively with Flexcushion"
Bible for Pelvic care
2009 Jan 1, Japan
"Amaizng how easy it is to put your pelvis neutral with Flexcushion"
Fitness Business
2009 Jan 25, Japan
"Leadership Interview with Nao Sakata, the inventor of Flexcushion"
2008 Sep 8, Japan
"Flexcushion MINI for children launched by SANTEPLUS"

Nikkei Health
2008 Sep 2, Japan
"To gain flexibility around hip-joint make a big change in your body and health"
LIVE Fit For Life
2008 Aug 1, Japan
"The hot item, recommended for all people"
nikkei TRENDY net
2008 Jul 28, Japan
"The solution for anti-aging, Flexcushion users' review"
Nikkei MJ
2008 Jul 25, Japan
"Flexcushion MINI for children launched by SANTEPLUS"

Josei Seven
2008 APr 17, Japan
"a very popular tool at health clubs"
2008 Apr 9, Japan
"Shape up more effectively with Flexcushion"
Nikkei Health
2008 Apr 2, Japan
"When seated on it, you'll soon realize that your pelvis is upright"
an an
2008 Mar 19, Japan
"It naturally support your posture, and even helps to gain strength aroud abs"

Training Journal
2008 Mar 10, Japan
"very effective tool for athletes, strength coaches, and athletic trainers"
FujiSankei Business i
2008 Feb 28, Japan
"SANTEPLUS launches DVD-Video for the stretching with Flexcushion "
2008 Jan 23, Japan
"Gain flexibility easily! Loved by Pilates ladies in New York. Check out Flexcushion"
JDA mag
2008 Jan 7, Japan
"It has very good function, much more than what it looks"

2008 Jan 1, Japan
"The 20 essential items to keep a beautiful posture"
2008 Jan 1, Japan
"Easy to stretch !"

All About

2008 Dec 18, Japan
"Flexcushion! Top athletes' favarite stretch gear!"

Josei Seven
2007 Nov 29, Japan
"Shape up your abs easily with Flexcushion"


Nikkei Trendy Net 2007 Nov 9, Japan
"Streth Gear for hip-joint and pelvis, nationwide health clubs are using"

Nikkan Kogyo

2007 Oct 8, Japan

"Pearl White, a new color for the popular stretch gear"

Nikkei Health
2007 Oct 2, Japan "You can feel easily how well your spine is stretched, only by sitting on it."


2007 Aug 1, Japan
"Let's adjust the alignment aroud pelvis with new gear!"

Fitness Journal
2007 Jul 25, Japan
"TIPNESS starting a new group lesson program "Active Stretch""
2007 Jul 21, Japan
"A Magic Cushion, focused by top athelets"
2007 Jul 5, Japan
"New equipment to train core part of body !"
Dance View
2007 Jun 27, Japan
"Effective Stretch Exercise Samples."

2007 Jun 23, Japan
"Easy to do "Splits" Stretching Exercise"
Fujisankei Business i
2007 Jun 9, Japan
"TIPNESS introduces SUMO Stretch Cushion at all branches"
2007 May 25, Japan
"Innovative Stretch Gear for Hip joint & Pelvis"
Training Journal
2007 May 15, Japan
"Easier for stretching workouts, using one's own weight"

Dance View
2007 Apr 27, Japan
"Flexcushion, the tool to gain flexibility"
Creative Stretching
2007 Apr 20, Japan
"Self-Stretching with Flexcushion"
Monthly Track & Field May
2007 Apr 14, Japan
"Flexcushion is now used by top level teams"
Weekly FukuRiku
2007 Feb 26, Japan
"New Weapon !"

Fujisankei Business-i
2007 Jan 25, Japan
"Sumo derived tool flies to New York City"
Golf Club Seminar
2006 Dec 20, Japan
"Cushion that supports stretching effectively"
Coaching Clinic
2006 Nov 27, Japan
"Stretching Workouts with Flexcushion"
Nikkei Industrial
2006 Oct 23, Japan
"New tool for streching hip joint and pelvis"

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