Sumo's Fundamental Perfected Exercise
Sumo's Shiko GIF animation
sumo method powered by Flexcushion

by Nao Sakata (Former Head Coach of Rikkyo University Sumo Team / Inventor of Flexcushion)

SHIKO Level 1 for beginners

Easier if your narrow the distance between your feet.

SHIKO Level 2

Widen the distance between your feet, and this is the style Sumo Wrestlers normally do.

Basic Postures for Sumo Exercise

  • Before starting SHIKO exercise, warm-up yourself by stretching around pelvis & hip! cf) Recommended stretching down below this page
  • Try to do SHIKO exercise regularly Ex) 10-20 times a day.
  • A

    Basic Postures for Sumo Exercise
    • Feet,45-50 degrees open.
    • Some space between heels.
    • Weight on roots & balls of thumbs
  • B

    Basic Postures for Sumo Exercise
    • Athletic position
    • Knee & toe face same direction
    • Relax your upper body, place hands on knees
    • Armpit closed
  • C

    Basic Postures for Sumo Exercise

    Looking from side...

    • Spince vertical on pelvic
    • Squeez your abdomen
    • Pull your chin
    • Look ahead 3m
  • (Note) Inncorrect posture

    Sumo Exercise Inncorrect posture
    • Not athletic position... Spine rounded
    • Spince not vertical on pelvis
    • Tension on upper body

SHIKO the fundamental Sumo Training

CONCEPT Gain more flexibility around hip-joint by moving pelvis forward & backward. Do the workouts in the bellow order.

  • (1) "Bigger muscle first" (such as adductor muscle, hamstrings...)
  • (2) "Smaller muscle second"
  • 1

    Sumo's Shiko


    1. Make a rectangle
    2. Pull your chin, look ahead 3m
    3. Toes 45-50 degrees open
  • 2

    Sumo's Shiko
    1. Shift weight on povit foot
    2. Extend your knee of pivot leg
    3. Naturally the other leg goes up *INHALING

    *Do NOT lift your leg.

  • 3

    Sumo's Shiko

    Extend pivot knee, and naturally the other leg rises. Spine always straight.

  • 4

    Sumo's Shiko


    • Extend yr knee of pivot side
    • Stop at the top for 1 second
    • Spine always straight
    • It is OK that the knee of The rising leg is bent
  • 5

    Sumo's Shiko

    Exhaling, landing from toe, slipping 5cm outside

  • 6

    Sumo's Shiko


    Then, the other side.
    one time left, one time rigtht, and repeat left and right
    Recommended = about 20 to 30 times a day.

Recommended Stretching as Warm-up

CONCEPT 15 minutes basic workouts. Easy stretch workouts. Even while watching TV, you can do it.

  • Flexcushion®


    Stretch Easily and Effectively!

  • 1

    Recommended Stretching as Warm-up Inner Thigh Stretch

    Inner Thigh Stretch

  • 2

    Recommended Stretching as Warm-up Hamstring Stretch

    Hamstring Stretch *exhale when bending

  • 3

    Recommended Stretching as Warm-up To right & left

    To right & left *exhale when bending

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