Strength Training

Seated Row with Flexcushion

Abs & Obliques with Medball and Flexcushion

Thoracic Spine Stretch with FlexBarrel (Arch)

Wide-Leg Stretch with Flexcushion & Medball

Bending forward with Flexcushion & Medball

Stretching with Flexcushion & Medball

Main Users

Health Clubs, Pilates Studios・16 Professional Baseball Teams + over 250 players, 15 Professional Soccer Teams, Olympic Sprinters, Hammer Throwers, Synchronized Swim Teams, Figure & Speed Skaters, Judo & Karate Dojos, Golfers, Track & Field Teams, PerformBetter, Medco Sports Medicine, Dr. Don Chu's Athercare Fitness & Rehabilitation, Mike Boyle's MBSC, Yoga Studios, Professional Athletes (Football, Basketball, Hockey, Ski, etc.)

Stretch Easily and Ef fectively! Flexcushion Derived from sumo